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Mostafa Abdulhadi Mahmoud Hamed

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In this site, you'll find all data and information about me and my carrier.  "What's New" section.

A View for my Experience and Qualification:



Name                   : Moustafa Abdelhadi Mahmoud Hamed.

Main Address      : Batra_Talkha_Dkahlia_Egypt.

Present Address  : Dubai_ UAE.

Phone no.              : 002 0502570243 (EGY), 0097148024552(UAE).

Mobile no.             : 002 01093941904 (EGY) 00971551104229 (UAE).

Nationality           : Egyptian.

Marital statues    : Married and have 2 kids.

Date of Birth       : 20/09/1978.

E_mail                  : mstfa_hadi78@yahoo.com.



Web site              : Www.mstfahadi.4t.com (under construction).

Driving license      : Egyptian + UAE (GCC).

Passport no.          : A02924325 Mansoura, Egypt.



Degree               : A B.SC. In electrical power & machine engineering.      

University          : Mansoura_Egypt.

Grad. Year          : 2000 with GOOD grad.

Grad. Project      : programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with excellent grad.

English language  : Very good.

Computer skills   : MS Office, MS Project, MP2I, MAMA System, Maintenance Software,

                             SAP, Maximo, Primavera introduction, internet and search engine.


Work experience:


Employer 1      : Damietta combined cycle power station (1200 MW).

Location           : Damietta_Kafr el batiekh_Egypt.

Since               : 5/2002 till 9/2004(2 years, 4 months).

Description      : Work as electrical Maintenance engineer and having the responsibility of

                          Carrying out the periodical and Preventive maintenance activities and

                          Emergency Trouble shooting for:   

- 220KV Switchgear & 220/66 KV substation and its OHTLs, Transformers And all other relative components (AEG & SIEMENS). 

      - Gas turbine units (6*135 MW, V94.2, KWU, SIEMENS)

                       - Intake & water pump house and its DCS control.

                      - Air conditioning systems (chiller) and fire fighting system by H2O and CO2.                       

                     - HRSG boiler (250 T/H, BORSIG, BERLIN).  

                      - Steam turbine generator (HP 65 bar, LP 5 bar, 3*140 MW, ALSTOM).                                                            

                     - Service & instrument air compressors (2 stage, double acting 9 bars).

                       - Black start diesel generator (Caterpillar, 2.4 MW, 6.3 KV, 1000rpm). 

     - Steam unit auxiliaries (closed cooling & service water, water screen system). 

 Employer 2     : Electricite de France Egyptian Operating Company EEOC (EDF Suez Gulf  boot steam Power Plant, 2*364Kw).                                     

Location         : Suez_ Ain Sokhna_ Egypt.

Since             : 9/2004 till 12/2006(2 years, 3 months).

Description    : Work as electrical Maintenance engineer and having the responsibility of carrying out the periodical and Preventive maintenance activities and emergency Trouble shooting for:   

                      - Steam generator boiler (FOSTER WHEELER, 1200 t/h, 178 bars, 550ºC, gas Fuel fired, and mazout as stand by fuel).

                       - Steam turbine generator (TOSHIBA, 364 MW, 3 sections turbine).                                                

                       – Desalination unit (ENTROPIE, 59 t/h, multi- effect process).

                      - Demineralization unit (METITO, mixed bed, 50 T/h, PH7 & PH9). 

                      -Sodium hypochlorite production unit (SEACLOR, NaOCl, 110 T/h).    

-Black start gas turbine (TURBOMACH, 12MW, with gear box 11970/1500 rpm, 6.6 KV, PLC control, light fuel oil fired).       

                      -Black start diesel generator (2H Energy, IVECO, 1500 rpm, 400V, 1MW).

                      -Heavy and light fuel oil unloading & storage and distribution systems.

                      - Steam turbine unit auxiliaries.

- Auxiliary boiler steam generator (BABCOCK, 16 bar, 350ºC, 48 t/h).

- 220 KV ALSTHOM switchgear, OHTLs, Transformers and its all components.

Employer 3     :  National Electricity Technology Co. KAHRABA (a subsidary of NATGAS).                                      

 Location          : 6th October City _ Egypt.

 Since              : 12/2006 till 11/2011(5 years).

 Description     : Work as power plant manager and operation deputy manager for       Natural gas Engine independent Power Plants (island mode and parallel with grid):  

                         - 5 MW in 6th October City, Giza, Egypt (WAUKESHA- CUMMINS – CAT.).

                        - 5 MW in AUC new campus in new Cairo (CATERPILLAR with Cogeneration).

                        - 20 MW in Borg El Arab, Alexandria, Egypt (WARTSILA - VOLVO).

         Having the responsibility of:

                        - Prepare and coordinate the project time schedule with the suppliers.

                        - Prepare the project installation, commissioning and startup procedures.

                        - Supervision of the electromechanical installation, project startup

                           And commissioning.

                        - Work as Project assist coordinator with the supplier companies and as  Inspector and material control engineer during the installation period.

                        - Following up the engines operation and carry out the periodical and

                          Preventive maintenance (mechanical, electrical and I&C) activities.

                        - Ensure the economical operation and maintenance of the equipments.

                        - Prepare the technical reports for the site activities including the operation And maintenance logs and required time schedules for the activities.

                        - Prepare and manage the site man power organization chart.


                        - Engineering, installation, start up, operation, maintenance and trouble Shooting of the outdoor power distribution network MV/LV (12:0.4 Kv) underground Cables and its RMU, transformers and all components.

- Follow up the customers power consumption and preparing the consumption Bills and cost control for the site.


Employer 4     : Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA)/ Generation Division/ Desalination Dept.

Location          : Dubai - UAE.

Since              : 11/2011 till now.

Description     : Work as Electrical Maintenance Engineer and having the responsibility of:

-      Execute and monitor the maintenance activities of the electrical installations in the assigned area as per the schedule, assign resources, estimate and initiate procurement of the operational and strategic spares, with the objective to ensure maximum availability and reliability of the equipment, and thereby support the organization's effort in accomplishing it's mission, and to drive towards its vision, within the framework of departmental quality, environmental, occupational health and safety procedures, and the directives of supervisors.

-      Follow and adhere to the OH&S Management System Manual as per DEWA's safety standards.

-      Arrange resources and control the routine, preventive overhauls and emergency maintenance, in order to efficiently and safely complete all the activities well within the allocated period of outage.

-      Maintain inventory of spares/tools/test equipment, estimate for the requirement for the year, and initiate procurement in order to ensure their availability during overhauls and emergency maintenance and thereby ensuring the quality and timely completion of work.

-      Review Risk Assessments, monitor work practices and methods, conduct tool box talks, conduct safety and housekeeping inspections, in order to ensure safety centered maintenance. Analyze parameters of running machines, trouble shoot and derive effective solutions to  equipment problems, make self available during emergencies round the clock, in order to ensure the continuous and safe operation of the plant machinery.

-      Update, maintain records, daily log book, generate reports related to the maintenance work, maintain master list of drawings, calibrate/test tools and test equipment, in order to enable the supervisors to take the right decisions and thereby ensure plant reliability.

-      Undertake any special assignment under the directives of the management, in order to support the organization's smooth functioning.

-      Investigate the possibilities of improvement in the process, maintenance quality, safety, man-hours spent and cost effectiveness, in order to strengthen the supervisor's effort to contribute to  the organization's action plan of 'continuous development and process improvement'.


-      Develop, manage & supervise training and development needs of immediate employees to meet the departmental objectives.

-      Develop, manage and supervise internal safety as per OH&S Management System Manual to DEWA's safety standards.


Training courses and certificates:

  Training courses and certificates:

        *With Damietta power plant:

-SIEMENS 135 MW gas turbine operation and troubleshooting.

-Electrical maintenance equipment.   

-Chemical treatment and injection.


        * With Suez Gulf power plant:

-ISO14001 training.                          

-Environmental management system EMS.

-Pollutant training.                            

-Aquatic pollutant training.

-Hazards Chemicals.                           

-Simulator Training.

-Emergency Plan.                               

-Safety Qualification.

-First Aid Training.                           

-Fire fighting protection system Training.

-Breathing equipment.                       

-Fire Fighting Equipment.

-Hazardous Assessment.                    

- Chemical Training.

-Personale Protective Equipment.      

-Elevator Emergency Training.

-Low and medium voltage Equipment training.

-External Actual Fire fighting training.


         * With KAHRABA:

- Waukesha engins control and system manager ESM.

- GE Jenbacher engins.                     

- Fire fighting and industrial safety.

- Project management diploma PMD.

- HSE Auditing Fundamentals.           

- SHELL lubricating oil training.

- SAP data base introduction.

- Wartsila Engines Electrification, troubleshoting And Operation Process.

- ISO 9001, 18001, 14001 training.


        * With DEWA:

- SAP environnement training.           

– HVAC and BMS system.

- Risk assesement Fundamentals.       

- MAXIMO environnement training.  

- MS Outlook Professional.  

- Providing the safety culture.      


Email me at mstfa_hadi78@yahoo.com

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